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Reverse Seared Prime Rib
Reverse Seared Prime Rib

Grilled Prime Rib Using The Reverse Sear Technique


January 12, 2016

Prime Rib is the grandfather of all roasts and often comes out for the holidays. Not many other large cuts of meat can rival the grandeur of a beautifully cooked Prime Rib in the center of your table. It is the perfect choice for feeding a small crowd and has the WOW factor to delight all of your guests. The reverse sear method works especially well with Prime Rib on a grill. You start by cooking the meat on a low temp grill gradually bringing the internal temp up to the point of almost being finished. You can cook the meat hours ahead of the final sear, allowing you to pull the rest of the meal together without worrying about when the meat will be done. The final sear will be hot and fast and ideally take less than ten minutes.The end result is a wonderfully crusty and flavorful exterior and a gorgeous rosy interior that will be one solid shade of pink throughout.

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 2 hrs
  • Yields: Feeds 6-8


8-10lb Bone In or Boneless Prime Rib

4-6 T Dizzy Pig Seasoning “Raising The Steaks” or other Montreal Type Steak seasoning

2T Vegetable Oil


4 slices thick cut bacon

6 cloves of minced fresh garlic

1 small yellow onion, diced

1 pound wild mushrooms, sliced

2 cups hearty red wine

4 cups beef stock

1 sprig Fresh Rosemary

1 teaspoon dried thyme

Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper


Butcher twine

4oz Hickory or Oak pellets

Pellet tube or tray

Dual Probe Thermometer (we use the ET-732 from Maverick)

Aluminum foil

2 qt sauce pot

sharp knife


1If you know a good butcher ask them to trim and tie the Prime Rib for you. If not, roll your sleeves up, sharpen your knives and jump in. It is very easy!

2Place the prime rib on a cutting board and trim the fat to a 1/4 inch or less if this has not already been done. Remove the lip if it is still attached. Using your hands, gently mold the prime rib into a more rounded shape. Use butcher twine to tie up the roast so it will hold its round shape better during the cook. The molding and tying of the prime rib creates a more uniform mass that will cook more evenly and make for a beautiful presentation. Rub the entire roast down with the vegetable oil and season liberally with “Raising The Steaks” or your favorite seasoning blend for beef.

3For our cooking process we employed two grills. One grill for slowly warming up the roast and adding smoke and one grill for the final hot sear. If you do not have two grills all is not lost. Set your grill up for a two zone cook using one side for the slow warm up and one side for the final sear. Simply split your GrillGrates into two sections and leave a gap in the middle.


1Slice the bacon into thin strips and place in a sauce pot on medium. Cook the bacon slowly, rendering the fat and gently browning. Once most of the fat has been rendered and the bacon is basically cooked add the minced garlic and stir. When the garlic just begins to brown add the onions and continue to cook on medium low, stirring occasionally. Once the onions have caramelized and your whole house smells insanely good add the red wine to the pot. Allow the red wine to cook down slowly and reduce by 2/3. Add the beef stock, mushrooms, whole rosemary sprig and dried thyme to the pot and allow to reduce by half. Season with black pepper and salt to taste. Remove the rosemary sprig and discard. Cover the sauce pot and reserve until the prime rib is ready to eat.


1Preheat your grill to 250F and get your pellets ignited and smoking. We use the 6 inch Tube Smoker for adding supplemental smoke. Insert the meat thermometer probe into the eye of the prime rib. Place the grill thermometer probe in a location on your grill where it will not end up being too close to the roast.

2Place the prime rib on the preheated grill and plug the two thermometer probes into the thermometer unit. Confirm the accuracy of your probes and close the lid to your grill. You are looking to slowly bring up the internal temp of the meat to 110-115F. Depending on the size of your prime rib this usually takes around one hour. Once your meat reaches the desired internal temp go ahead and remove it from the grill to a pan or cutting board and allow it to rest. Tent the roast with aluminum foil. The beauty of this resting period is that you can do it up to two hours ahead of time and focus your energy elsewhere. 30 minutes before you are ready to eat preheat your grill to HOT 650-700F for the final sear. Once the grill is up to temp place the meat back on the grill and allow to sear. Every minute or so rotate the meat on all sides so you get an even brown crust. You may need to stand there and hold the prime rib with tongs to sear the rounded parts evenly. Once the internal temp hits 130F you will have a beautiful, evenly cooked , perfect medium rare interior. Remove from the grill and place on a cutting board. Allow to rest for 2-3 minutes and then cut off the butcher twine. Slice the prime rib to your desired thickness and serve with warm Chassuer sauce.


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