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Grate Smash Burgers

smash burgers
smash burgers

Grate Smash Burgers

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June 24, 2019

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Yields: 8 yummy smash burgers


1.5 pounds 80/20 Ground Beef

Salt and pepper

8 slices of cheese- your choice (optional)

8 burger buns


1Begin by portioning the ground beef into 3 oz balls.

2Flip your GrillGrates over so that rails are facing down and preheat your grill to medium high (about 500°F at the surface).

3Scrape any debris off the flat side of your GrillGrates.

4Once the grill is preheated, pour a little vegetable oil onto a paper towel. Use a pair of tongs to wipe the flat side of your GrillGrates down.

5Place a 3 oz ball of ground beef onto the grill and using the GrateTool or a spatula "smash" the burger flat. Season with salt and pepper.

6Repeat until all 8 ground beef balls have been placed and smashed.

7By the time you have smashed the 8th burger you will be able to flip the first smashed burger you put on the grill.

8After flipping the burgers add the cheese. Continue to cook until the cheese has melted.

9Remove from grill.

10Place burgers on buns and enjoy your Grate Smash Burger.

  1. Curious on smashburgers. Will the heat of the upside down grate prevent the meat from squeezing through the openings when you smash the burger? Really enjoy using these grates. Thanks.

    • A bit of meat squeezes into the holes but sets up and releases when you go to flip them. It adds an interesting texture.

  2. Do these burgers get that sear?

  3. Tonight will be the first time using the bottom side of the grates on my Green Egg. I have had the grates for about 4 months and cook at least once a week on the egg using the grates. Do I need to clean the bottom side before using?

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27th of November 2019 05:12 PM Link
It's beginning to look a lot like...

Thanksgiving lunch at the office!! 🤤🤤🤤

It's pinwheels in the new June Oven, Ham Steaks and Mac & Cheese on the grill. ❤️
#GrillGrateful #GrillingLifestyle #GrillAnything
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23rd of November 2019 06:36 PM Link
Having a blast at @acejohnscreek Customer Appreciation day! Great food and GRATE people here! #acehardware #acejohnscreek #eggstravaganza @ Johns Creek Ace Hardware
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23rd of November 2019 03:09 PM Link
We’re at Johns Creek Ace Hardware demo’ing 10-3 come in by for grate deals and grate food!
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22nd of November 2019 04:21 PM Link
We're going live at NOON today for #GratefulFriday to give an update on the new Sear 'N Sizzle GrillGrate as well as take a deeper dive into the June Smart Oven. We'll be BBQing some chicken for lunch! #grillgrateful #grillgrateinside
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4th of September 2019 02:30 PM Link
Thank you to our friends at Gear Patrol for the GRATE compliment!

Check out their article about 7 must-have products for your Weber Kettle.
#GrillGrates #GrateNation #GrillingLifestyle