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Celebrate Independence Day at the Grill!

The 4th of July weekend is the busiest weekend of the year for outdoor grilling. Hopefully you are either hosting a cook out or attending one! Grilling on the 4th of July is about grilling for a crowd, family gatherings, block parties, or grilling and chilling in the park.

We’re already planning our menus! To help you plan your independence weekend menu we’ve assembled grilling recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert too. Check out all the recipes here!


Celebrate America’s Independence!   We’re Grateful for our Freedom to Grill!

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Remembering Dad at Father’s Day

As a Father and a son, every Father’s Day seems to get more special.  Since my Dad passed away 3 years ago, my memories of Dad grilling and me assisting seem more vidid.  I also get to make new Father’s Day memories with my children who also grew up with their Dad grilling all the time.  Father’s Day for many of us is about grilling and chilling with Dad.

Aside from fishing, grilling with my Dad is at the top of my list of favorite things we did together.  I was his gopher in the yard, and whatever projects were on his plate were on mine too!  But our time at the grill- that was grilling and chilling time.  My other job was to keep fresh ice cubes in my Dad’s scotch.  I was the runner between inside and outside.

His signature dish was London broil marinated overnight in sweet Catalina dressing,  I remember carrying that big pyrex dish holding a huge chunk of meat slathered in sweet sauce.   Boy did that sauce burn- but Dad was ready.  Dad was in the syringe business and he had this huge veterinarian syringe that he used to attack flareups.  He was a master- just enough squirt to put out the flame but not soak the briquette.   London Broil became my signature dish too- and sooner than I thought.

Dad gave me his Weber Kettle my junior year of college when I moved off campus.  He just purchased a new gas grill from Suburban Propane so the Weber went to live with me at University of Delaware.  It quickly became my date night machine.   Stuffed cornish game hens was my specialty.  I grilled for my bride to be many times over the next 2 years- that was nearly 40 years ago.  So grilling with Dad has come full circle.  Grilling for my adult children is one of the great pleasures in my life.  Thanks Dad!

Share Your Grilling With Dad Stories! Enter into our #grillgratewithdad photo contest and BRAG ON DAD to WIN SOME SWAG!

Grilling Great Steaks- HOT & FAST

Hot and fast is the traditional, tried and true method for grilling the perfect steak. When it comes to grilling the perfect hot and fast steak, charcoal rules over gas in the backyard. The opposite is true in the commercial steak house world, most use gas fired chargrillers. The common ingredient is high heat. With steaks especially, the hotter the grill the better. Charcoal burns hotter than gas and the other thing charcoal does better than gas is it generates much more radiant heat compared to gas.

The infrared image below shows glowing charcoal that is putting out a lot of infrared (radiant energy) heat. Notice how consistent the heat is as well (shown in red)with briquettes.


Weber Kettle IR- HRes

GrillGrates show overall even heat on the Kettle

Charcoal, specifically briquettes, has several key advantages when it comes to grilling the perfect steak.

  1. Higher heat up to 600-700F or more
  2. More radiant heat (much more)
  3. More consistent heat compared to lump charcoal and gas grills with hot and cold spots

Lump charcoal delivers high heat and radiant energy but at grilling temps (450+) lump charcoal equates to lumpy heat. Lump charcoal is ideal at low and slow temps but as lump runs hotter, the temperatures get wider and wider apart. Infrared images showed lump charcoal like a volcano- hot zones and flares among cooler spots. Hence the analogy of lumpy heat.


Now that we’ve established charcoal briquettes are our fuel of choice, it’s easy to follow suit with two charcoal grills that sparked the backyard grilling revolution- the Weber Kettle and the Portable Kitchen grill. Both were born in 1952 and these iconic grills are still relevant today- especially when grilling a steak. With GrillGrates charcoal grills are elevated to a steak grilling machine, and the choice of steak champions. The 2016 winner of the World Championship Steak Cook-Off® grilled on a Weber Kettle and GrillGrates. They also grilled their winning steak hot and fast. At steak competitions you’ll see lines of PK’s and Kettles- its like the Crips and the Bloods- their grills are all tricked out with after-market add-ons, elaborate tables even names for their grills.


2016 World Championship Steak Cookoff Winner: Brian Lewis

Magnolia 2016 GG-PK-350dpi-29

The PK Grill has made a stunning comeback and is now a fixture in steak cookoffs

Preparing Steak for Hot and Fast Grilling: Many people suggest leaving steaks out of the refrigerator to allow them to come to room temperature. This helps avoid cool red center, as well as allows juices to be more free moving. Meathead will tell you not to do it for safety reasons- as the raw meat is too long in the danger zone for explosive bacterial growth. I use a modified process, sometimes the steaks sit out and sometimes they go right back in the fridge:

  1. Dry Brine with coarse kosher salt in open air for 15-20 minutes
  2. Using the back side of a butter knife, scrape all the salt off and pat the steaks dry
  3. Lightly oil the steak- this helps hold the seasoning and for additional browning
  4. Lightly season with your favorite steak rub, or just black pepper
  5. Into the refrigerator until its time to grill. Usually only 30 minutes. If we’re soon ready to grill, the steaks will stay on the counter. If its more than 30 minutes it goes into the fridge.

Grilling Steaks Hot and Fast- Two Choices for Grill Set-up:

Direct Grilling with GrillGrates (suggested): Place GrillGrates on the grill once charcoal chimney has been dumped and allow 10 minutes to reach maximum grill temperature. An infrared laser thermometer is very helpful to see exactly what the temperature is at the GrillGrate cooking surface. GrillGrates allow you to grill steaks directly over a very hot fire without moving the steaks to a safe zone to avoid over searing and burning the exterior of the steak. GrillGrates enable protected high heat grilling with GrillGrate temps of 600F-700F.


An infrared laser thermometer tells you exactly the temperature of the GrillGrate

Based on 1” thick steak: it only takes 8-10 minutes approximate total cook time, with 125F target internal temperature.

  1. Place steak at a slight diagonal to the GrillGrate and do not leave your post. Hot and fast means no bathroom break or beverage refills!
  2. At the 2 minute mark- use GrateTool to ‘lift and twist’ the steak. Lift, rotate 90 degrees and slightly move the steak to a “fresh” part of the GrillGrate for max heat.
  3. At around the 4 minute mark flip the steak again onto a fresh area of the GrillGrates
  4. Grill to finish by using an instant read thermometer. Grill to an internal temp of 125F for medium rare. Expect a 5 degree climb (carryover) to 130F after removing from the grill.
  5. Allow to rest 4-5 minutes so the juices can re-distribute through the steak.


A digital instant read thermometer is a must to grill perfect steaks

Extra Searing Tip: Flip and turn the steak several times during the last 2-3 minutes – to further brown and blacken the steak. Dial in your sear!

Set up a 2-zone fire: Place coals on one side of the grill. Most people sear directly over the coals and then move the steak to the safe zone to allow it to slowly rise to your desired internal temperature.

  1. Place steak over hottest part of the grill and turn and flip based on your desired level of searing, 2-3 minutes total.
  2. Move steak to indirect side of grill- to come up to temp away from hot coals (10-15 minutes)
  3. Monitor internal temps and grill to desired internal temperature, 125F and expect carryover to 130F when off the grill.
  4. Rest for 5 minutes before serving

Extra Searing Tip: Sear at the end as well as the beginning for harder darker sear.

Grilling steaks hot and fast is precision grilling and requires proper tools and attention to timing. An instant read thermometer is a must. Once you get the feeling for time and temperature you can use those 8-15 minutes of grilling time to determine the amount of searing that you and your family like. Some people like black crunchy sear marks with literally a taste of char, while others prefer overall browning with little to no char. For more on dialing in the sear – see sear marks, its a matter of taste and style.

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Check out The Friday Night Steak Club.

26th Annual National Barbecue and Grilling Association Annual Conference a Smashing Success

Building on a strong meeting last year, this year’s NBBQA conference exceeded already high expectations from those of us witnessing the recent metamorphosis of NBBQA.  As a sponsor I can say that GrillGrate got its money’s worth and more!  More importantly we got our batteries recharged with a big dose of BBQ love!

NBBQA had a strong roster of sponsors this year and I expect an even more impressive group going forward.  Thank you to all of our sponsors and especially the Gold sponsors without whom this show would not have happened.


Where else but the NBBQA can you:

  • Sit with Tuffy Stone for 20 minutes.
  • Get bear hugs from Moe Cason and Diva Q.
  • Hang with Dave Raymond- aka Sweet Baby Ray.
  • Wander from fire pit to fire pit enjoying amazing food.
  • Get to sit with Meathead planning next year’s event.
  • Plug into tribal knowledge and share stories and tips with the tribe.


Outgoing NBBQA President, Linda Orrison (aka Mama Shed) deserves a ton of credit for propelling NBBQA  through an amazing transition.  As a new board member I’m energized by the opportunity for NBBQA to broaden its membership and value and to increase industry participation. NBBQA’s mission is to fan the flames of community building, family values, and connections that barbecue and grilling instill.


Don’t Miss Next Year!

River Ranch was such a superb venue and we are likely to return in 2018.  A tip of the cowboy hat to Ken Phillips, co-founder of the Steak Cook-off Association, who brought us to River Ranch and helped manage a mountain of logistics.  River Ranch could not be better designed or equipped for a barbecue and grilling convention.  I have a feeling we’ll have 3X the exhibitors and demos and double the attendance.   As a group we are all excited by the progress NBBQA has made.  The future of our industry and association is bright.




Why Join The NBBQA?   Build relationships, friendships and partnerships.  People in the business of barbecue and grilling learn from each other, demonstrate and cook their way into each other’s hearts and minds.  The professional members hone their skills, share their knowledge, and connect with suppliers and one another.  Those breaking into the business, the NBBQA is a must as is attending the conference.  And we want the rabid enthusiasts who are eager to learn and do more with fire and smoke.  You are the local carriers of the bbq torch.


Want to Bring Your Community Together?  Hold a Barbecue!

BBQ (and grilling) bring out a sense of community for all who participate and attend.  Having a  barbecue or cookout brings people together. Whether it’s a company picnic, in the backyard with friends, or an event around the town square.

Yes BBQ can make America and the World Great Again! 

GrillGrate 10 Year Anniversary Event 2017

We’ve got an Abaco Glow after the GrillGrate 10 Year Anniversary Party in the Bahamas.

It’s officially in the books. The GrillGrate celebration featuring Meathead in Paradise was a huge success. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting such a great group of people.  There are too many people to thank who helped us put on (or better yet pull off) this event.  It was really special to have 2 of our 3 children fly in to help host and entertain the 78 guests who joined us.  My wife Susan can now put event planner on her resume!  This event would not have happened without her dedication.

The local islanders proved yet again why Green Turtle Cay is so special.  They all rallied to help us make this trip special for Meathead and our guests.  The Green Turtle Club is an ideal venue for foodie events and their staff and accommodations are top notch.  Executive Chef Michael Howell was invaluable and hands-on for our grilling events.


We kicked off our first event setting up a pop up pizzeria on one of Green Turtle’s prettiest beaches.  We used 8 burner event grills topped with Bakerstone pizza ovens.  We had 4 Bakerstones on 2 event grills and grilled 50 gourmet pizzas in under an hour and a half.   Chef Michael has already integrated the Bakerstone into the Green Turtle Club’s food service operation.  We recommend this product highly to the back yard griller. Turn any gas grill into an amazing pizza oven.  Pies were cooking in 3-5 minutes with bubbling cheese and toppings fully cooked.


Following a lazy afternoon we kicked of Friday Night Steak Night at the Green Turtle Club.  We featured 3 different grills and techniques.  Snake River Farms was our sponsor and they provided beautiful eye of the rib eye steaks.  We had two Big Green Egg XL’s humming hot and fast.   Noah Glanville owner of Pit Barrel Cooker had his Pit Barrel putting out amazing steaks.  The Pit Barrel is  one versatile cooker!  Meathead featured the turbo method of grilling steaks hot over charcoal chimneys.   Our crowd was able to observe and interact with all the cookers.  We heard no complaints and had a blast firing up all the grills on the Green Turtle Club’s deck under the stars.


The next morning we fired up the event grills again- this time Meathead and GrillGrate’s Chef Michael grilled french toast for our guests.  They used GrillGrate Griddles to grill up a refreshing combination of French Toast and fresh fruit.  There was method to our madness as this day was our excursion day so it was good to get a decent breakfast in before we embarked on an island hopping cruise.


Abaco has its own version of swimming pigs and that was our first stop– No Name Cay.  Seeing the pigs swim and enjoy our company was a different perspective for most of us who delight in grilling various forms of pig.  We left No Name on the party barge headed for Munjack Cay- the bar on Sunset Marine’s party barge was busy!  CJ the DJ entertained our group the entire day and had the party dancing on the beach before it was all over!


On Munjack Cay we had the event grill in action again- this time with GrillGrates.  We grilled cheeseburgers along with Lincoln Jone’s famous fried potatoes and onions.  Meathead commented the burgers were perfect– high praise… crispy on the outside and pink in the center.  The gang enjoyed feeding the sting rays and turtles and the beach party lasted most of the afternoon.


We found time to film a little video riffing on Tom Hank’s Castaway movie.  Our son Will and Sara Ann from the Green Turtle Club were good sports and had fun hamming it up.

That night we wrapped up 4 days of grilling and chilling with a traditional Bahamian feast of lobster, grouper, peas & rice and Bahamian mac n cheese.  Eddie Bodie was on the dock making fresh lobster and conch salad giving demonstrations on how to clean conch and the virtues of the conch pistol. The Bahamian band New Entry had everyone dancing under the stars with a perfect end to a great day.


We are happy to be able to share this wonderful place with our group.   Green Turtle Cay and the Green Turtle Club were outstanding hosts and our guests equally outstanding. We packed a lot into 4 days and enjoyed every minute of it.

We got home from our 10th anniversary event with Meathead and ran smack into trade show season!  Even still the Abaco glow remained with us for several days after returning from Green Turtle Cay. It always does.

Reminisce with us and view some images from this event below.



Watch a full recap of our trip now!

Super Bowl Sunday – Game Day Grilling


For me game time grilling is out of the question and halftime is too!  Nobody wants to be at the grill unless a TV is nearby.  Pre-game grilling is the plan for this big game day. An evening kickoff makes an afternoon appetizer party a great way to nosh, nibble and pre-game before kick-off.

Grilling appetizers is fun, fast, and an easy way to mix it up with a variety of offerings. Just think of the fun serving grilled cheese sticks, pot-stickers, ravioli, quesadillas, and more to your appreciative guests!

Here are three ideas to make your Super Bowl grilling a fun and easy game day party.

1. Hit the Freezer Section at the Supermarket:


Grill frozen cheese sticks fast and easy on GrillGratesGrilled large ravioli with beautiful searmarks. Dipped in Vodka sauce



Cheese Sticks and Bread Sticks make easy appetizers right from the freezer to the grill.  Medium to low heat and you’ll know when they’re done. Many of the frozen appetizers come with their own sauces in the box. How easy can it be?

Large Ravioli, fresh (we love Costco for these) or frozen is another easy finger food appetizer.  Coat lightly in olive oil, grill at 400F.  Add a simple dipping sauce such as marinara or vodka sauce.  Raviolis crisp and puff up when grilled at medium heat.

Potstickers are easy to grill with GrillGrates. Coat lightly with olive oil and grill at medium heat.  Potstickers usually come with their own sauces another time saver.

2. Cheese Quesadillas on the Grill:


Quesadillas on the grill are the perfect platform for salsa, sour cream, guacamole etc.  

  • Two flour tortillas with your choice of cheese in the center is a 5 minute grill at 400F.
  • Lightly coat with olive oil. A mister is real handy for applying the oil.
  • A couple of turns for nice grill marks and stiffness.
  • Add toppings on or off the grill.

3. Throw a Pizza Party for the Super Bowl!

There are several par-baked crusts you can purchase at the supermarket, make your own or buy the pre-made pizzas and grill them at 400F. Check out our grate pizza recipes in the GrillGrate Lounge.

  • Pizza Grilling Tip: At temps above 400F the bottom will burn before the toppings are hot.  Lower the heat to allow the toppings to heat through thoroughly and the crust will stay golden brown and crispy.

GrillGrate, Eat Well!  Game ON!


You Can Grill That™

Grill bacon? Yes, you can!

Bacon is standard American fare for breakfast. Everyone loves bacon, but cooking bacon can leave your house smelling like a diner all day. Cooking it on the stove top in a griddle or skillet is a greasy mess. Then there is the problem of how to dispose of all that grease. As we all know pouring it down the sink drain is a huge no-no. Cooking bacon in the microwave requires copious amounts of paper towels to soak up all that grease and you still wind up wiping the inside of the microwave. We love bacon but hate cooking it.

Not anymore, now you can cook bacon outside on the grill with GrillGrates. You will never go back inside once you have tried it on your grill. There are two types of bacon lovers, chewy or crispy. If you prefer your bacon chewy, cook the bacon on the GrateGriddle. If you prefer your bacon crispy, cook them on the GrillGrates. Once the GrateGriddle and/or GrillGrates have cooled it is a much easier clean up.

Bacon, Bacon, and More Bacon

Grilling Bacon with Brad

Grill Your Breakfast

Steven Raichlen Grills Bacon

Bacon, even the word inspires! Check out these recipes that were brought on by bacon.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts
The perfect pair, when the bacon is done so is the chicken.

Anything Wrapped in Bacon

Anything Wrapped in Bacon
You can never go wrong wrapping something in bacon.

Steven Raichlen's Candied Bacon

Steven Raichlen’s Candied Bacon
What is the first thing Steven used his GrillGrates for? Bacon!

WARNING, grilling bacon can be addictive. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing… and a grease fire. Once you have discovered how easy it is to grill bacon with GrillGrates or the GrateGriddle, don’t get carried away and throw a ½ lb of bacon on the grill and walk away!

Gift Guide for Grillers

Grate Holiday Gift Ideas for your Griller from GrillGrate

Being in the grilling industry is tough business! We get exposed to so many cool products it’s hard to try them all. Our industry is especially innovative and much of the action is from entrepreneurial efforts. American ingenuity is the theme of this gift list for your griller! With that in mind here’s a list to get you thinking about how to delight your griller and yourself!

Get Another Grill. Yep that’s right, you can never really have too many grills. The average backyard griller now owns 2.5 grills up from 1 grill less than 10 years ago. But who is an average griller?

Why you really need a pellet grill. If a pellet grill is not in your grill collection you know your next move! Everyone should own a pellet grill. Pellets are the new gas! Burning pellets emit true wood smoke as opposed to burning charcoal. I resisted a grill with a plug for too long, but once I put a pellet grill on my deck I realized what a fabulous trifecta it is:

  • Push button ease of use, no more tweaking vents to dial in a temperature and babysitting a long cook.
  • True wood smoke, this was the biggest aha for me. That luxurious smoke that powers the grill provides great flavor and is a huge flavor advantage over gas or charcoal.
  • Amazing versatility for both low and slow and grilling. Pellet grills combine the best of gas and charcoal – they deliver true wood fire grilling and smoking.

The RecTec Pellet Grill leads the pack in sexy!

The RecTec Pellet Grill  is a sexy, superb design coupled with innovative Smart Grill Technology with advanced  smoke control features.  $998


Grilla– One of the newer entrants on the pellet scene with a unique design and smart innovations.  $799.00

Yoder Smoker’s YS640 – is the leader in pro-sumer segment.  Made in USA.   The YS640 offers a direct fire option for high heat grilling and large capacity for big cooks.  $1499

Here are a couple of other innovative grills that are blazing new trails. If you have a camper or outdoors-man in the family the Biolite Base Camp is revolutionary and truly changing the world.


The Biolite has become a transforming product in countries where people still cook outside over open fire. It’s efficient, nearly smokeless, and it generates electricity! Less pollution, more efficient cooking and a USB port to power a light or charge a device! BioLite is not just for developing countries it’s also for the discerning outdoorsman too.  $299

Pit Barrel Cooker

Another grill that has transformed the landscape is Pit Barrel Cooker. Even though drum cookers precede the modern grill, Pit Barrel innovated the concept of hanging food over an open fire. This amazingly simple concept has swept the grilling and smoking nation.  $299

Accessorize your Griller!

Souping up your grill is another great way to get more out of your grill. The Weber Kettle in particular has seen a bunch of innovative accessories and add-ons. Three in particular have earned enthusiastic followings and make great gifts for Kettle owners.

Slow N Sear

SlowNSear  A charcoal basket coupled with a water tray turns any kettle into a precision low n slow cooker.   $89

Fire Butler

Fire Butler has created a very versatile set of inserts for the Kettle- part wok, griddle and fire management system.  $149

Kettle Pizza

Kettle Pizza

turns your kettle into a true woodfire pizza oven.  Easily reach 800F temps for perfect crust and properly cooked toppings.  $199

Even gas grills can be souped up!


Bakerstone  is a pizza box for gas grills that delivers consistent high temperatures and pizzas cook in 3-4 minutes.  $129

Speaking of souping up! Sous vide cooking is one of the hottest segments this holiday season and nothing is hotter than the new Joule from ChefSteps.

JouleControlled by your smart phone just put Joule in a pot with some water. Put your food and some seasoning in a plastic bag and cook it slowly in the water to the precise done temperature. Finish with a nice quick sear when its dinner time and the results will make Joule your next kitchen essential. Joule and GrillGrates are like peas and carrots!  $199

Give the Gift of Meathead!

Meathead The Book

Knowledge is power (and it’s sexy) and no one delivers more knowledge on the subject of BBQ and grilling than Meathead!

Meathead’s book is now a NY Times Best Seller!   It’s a perfect gift!  Psst don’t tell anyone but that is what we are giving as gifts this year!  $21.99

Meathead In Paradise

How about a gifting your griller a trip to grill and chill with Meathead in the Bahamas? Join us for four days of grilling and grilling on Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas for the GrillGrate 10 year anniversary party featuring Meathead!  We’ve planned a couple of great beach grilling excursions as well as some great grilling at the Green Turtle Club.  There is room for about 10 more people.  We are limiting the group size to 80 people.  approx. $1500 -$2000 per person.

Happy Holidays!  Grrrrrate Grilling Ahead!

#GrillGrates  #GrillGrateful

A Hot Hand at the World Food Championships!

The 2016 World Food Championship wrapped up after a week long food fight that saw over 300 contestants vie for a spot at the final table.   Competitors were in nine categories including: seafood, burger, bbq, chili, bacon, steak, sandwich, dessert and recipe.  Each category had 30-50 entrants and the top 10 in each category competed to for a seat at the final table.

orange beach AL siteOrange Beach, AL was a superb location for this event.  Rumor has it this will become the permanent home of the World Food Championships.  It’s such a family oriented event and there is lots of housing and hotel choices during the off-season at the beach in November and the weather is still quite mild.

outstanding entriesThe caliber of entries and creativity was darn right intimidating.  We enjoyed hanging around the turn in area just to see the amazing plates.  I hope we get to see a collage of all the entries.

burger brothersThe set up for the cooks was terrific.  Every possible kitchen appliance and tool was available to the chefs including Bull Outdoor grills which saw heavy action in the steak and burger events.  Jeremiah and his brother Cole are perfect example of the type of competitors you find at WFC.  They run a food truck in Nashville and won Nashville’s best burger to qualify for WFC.  After tasting their burger we’ll be looking them on our next trip to Nashville!

filming steaks at WFCEach event was filmed and there will be a TV series put together for later in 2017.  You can see Dustin Sanders of Smokehouse Rats in the background wielding his GrateTool to turn his steaks.

with Moe CasonThis event brought out all the stars!  It was great to see Moe Cason who was judging.  Moe used GrillGrates on season 1 of Pittmasters many moons ago.  We mostly discussed fishing!  My goal is to take Moe fishing! (and grill our catch)

with George Shore and Brad OrrisonGeorge Shore of Pitmaker and I were in the right spot when Brad Orrison removed the head of the pig from a well picked carcass.  The SHED BBQ and Blues joint put on a terrific event one evening for the VIP’s.  Somehow Susan and I wandered over!

Dustins CallThings started heating up as the Top 10 were called each night.  Dustin Sanders of Smoke House Rats, a World Champion Steak Cookoff winner in 2015 was 6th and earned the right to grill again for a shot at the final table.

Nathan HaysEven the Kids were included at WFC.   Nathan Hays a regular on the kids Q circuit and his sister Amy were invited to compete along with several other young people.  How exciting for them and their families.  Pretty good looking steak there Nathan!

kari-and-bryan-round-1Round one of the Steak competition was won by Kari Luke and her husband Bryan!  And things got better from there!  They went on to win the 2nd round of Steaks and earned a spot at the final table to compete against the other food categories.

2016 WFC ChampionAnd they took FIRST again!  Against the best of the best and some of the most stunning culinary creations their steak beat them all!   Here’s what a $100,000 steak looks like!  Congrats to Kari Luke and Bryan on their amazing win.  AND Congrats to the World Food Championships for putting on such a superb event!

$100,000 steakImagine grilling this 3 times and taking 1st each time!  That’s what Kari Luke did at the World Food Championships.   It’s looking more and more that Food Competition and Cook-offs are the new Nascar!

#GrillGrates #GrillGrateful #WFC2016

A Record Breaking $15,000 Steak Was Grilled At Billy Bob’s

The 2016 Steak Cook-Off Association International Steak Championship is in the books.  95 teams filled the pavilion outside Billy Bob’s with smoke and the fabulous smell of grilled steak. The Steak Cook-off Association (SCA) in it’s 3rd year hit a high note in Fort Worth.  With sponsors like KingsfordPelican CoolersPK Grills and Omaha Steaks stepping in, the prize money for the winning steak hit a record $15,000!


Friday night the SCA hosted a dinner followed by the introduction of the teams and the winners of the Pelican Point Chase were announced.   It was great to see all the winners wheeling out their Pelican Coolers!


The legend himself Mr. Johnny Joseph won his third ring as the winner of the 2016 Pelican Points chase; determined by how teams finished in SCA events around the U.S.   Johnny told us he’s going to slow down on the number of contests he enters- but I doubt it.  Johnny Joseph also raised over $5000 for a young man fighting cancer by raffling off a PK Grill with a custom stand and GrillGrates.   Johnny and his family epitomize the dignity and family environment that make the SCA so special.  We heard it all weekend- the SCA is family.  Here are some more family pictures!


Shawna Roppolo runner up in the Pelican Points Chase starring Johnny Joseph’s grand daughter Emma Jo with Brett and Ken of the SCA.


Michael and I with Jo Jo Torres, another SCA hero.   Jo Jo hosts the rib-eye radio and podcast and is an exuberant spirit and outstanding promoter of SCA!


New to the SCA family is Todd- Sr. VP of Omaha Steaks with Ken “The Mayor” Phillips.  Todd, like everyone loves the GrateTool!  We are all grateful that Omahas Steaks chose to sponsor the SCA!


Janet Baker who won newcomer of the of the year award made up some grrrrrate tee shirts.  We’re rooting for Janet at the World Food Championships next week in Orange Beach, AL.  Janet and several other steak cookers also earned entries into the WFC.   Steak & Food Competitions are becoming the new Nascar!


Speaking of Nascar… Junior Urias team jersey sported his superb logo along with many other sponsors such as Myron Mixon Smokers and GrillGrate too!

Dripping Springs PromotionSpeaking of grrrrate branding.  SCA sponsor Dripping Springs Vodka pulled it all together with this promotion for their liquor stores.   World Champion Steak promotion featuring PK Grills, GrillGrates and the SCA.   Thanks Dripping Springs!


The scene outside Billy Bob’s was one great griller after the next.  I only remember this fellow’s nickname… Milk Shake!  He seared his steaks first and then slow roasted them on a Chargriller Acorn Kamado.


Jimmy Shotwell of Memphis BBQ Supply was a one man team so Michael enjoyed jumping in and assisting at crunch time!  Jimmy is showing off our new scraper and detailing tool.


Drum roll please!  This is what a $15,000 steak looks like!  Omaha Steaks provided the steaks and everyone was really pleased with their quality and consistency.  One of the great things about steak cook-offs is the level playing field.  No one can bring their own meats like KCBS contests!


The President of Omaha Steaks and Ken congratulate Pancho & Lefty Steaks for their first place steak!   These fellows grilled the winning steak on a PK Grill and GrillGrates- of course!

pancho-lefty1A big check, a great ring and a beer!  Congratulations on besting 94 other champion steak cookers!


Join the fun in the Steak Cook-off Association.  There are cook-offs popping up around the U.S. and Europe and soon Australia.  Bring a sanctioned Steak Cook-off to your town or event too!  The SCA needs judges as well!   Congratulations to Brett Galloway and Ken Phillips for all they have accomplished with the SCA!  We can’t wait to see what 2017 holds!

GrillGrate, Eat Well!  and WIN!

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  • Secreto Iberico  secreto iberico pork bbq fastfood meat snackhellip
  • Somebody ask me where I got my turkey leg recipehellip
  •  biggreenaddict  A photo of tonights grilled veggies hellip
  • Ya I will say that this was on point bbqhardwoodhellip
  • My final steak practice cook for Del Mar this weekendhellip
  • Chicken and pork chops! Supper tonight and lunches for thehellip
  • Hell yes!! Beef its whats for dinner!! 23oz ribeye seasonedhellip
  • Prime TBone with Grill Your Ass Offs Ma Deuce Steakhellip
  • Delicious grilled chicken with a peach marinade that my wifehellip
  • Ancho Espresso Crusted Ribeye for my Birthday Dinner reversesear slowandsearhellip
  • Dinner was on point tonight! Grilled flat iron steak seasonedhellip
  • Busy day at Janies HQ! Lots of exciting content cominghellip
  • Repost from Grand Hall Ribeye with truffle butter One ofhellip
  • Some killer grill marks on these NY Strips!  hellip
  • Perfection pkgrills grillgrates omahasteaks bangenergy steersandbeersbbq


16th of August 2017 08:31 PM Link
Check out this super cool video our friends from Pit Barrel Cooker Co.put together from our trip to the Bahamas earlier this year! #PBC #grillgrateful #greenturtle #abacos


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