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Super Bowl Appetizer

Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

Everyone loves bacon and onion rings. Why not try them together? These are the perfect appetizer for any get together or game day party. Simple and tasty!


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

This recipe is one that I grill at least once a week. These ingredients make the perfect pair, when the bacon is done the chicken is too.


brussel sprouts

Grilled Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar

Grilling Brussels sprouts is a wonderful way to bring out their natural flavors. The addition of balsamic vinegar adds a nice little zing of flavor.

sous vide grilled turkey

Meathead’s Sous Vide & Grilled Turkey

Our newest turkey recipe comes from none other than Meathead. He along with the folks from Chef Steps took the deconstructed method to another level by using the new Joule Sous Vide cooker. This process followed by a hot and fast smoky sear delivers the moistest most succulent turkey you will ever eat. We guarantee it!

deconstructed turkey

Deconstructed Maple Brined Smoked Turkey

This recipe inspiration came during a conversation with Ms. Candy Weaver of BBQr’s Delight Smoking Pellets. One year at The Jack Daniels Invitational BBQ Competition I had the pleasure of meeting her and helping her hand out pellet samples during the festivities. We were just bouncing around ideas for turkey recipes when she dropped this gem into my lap. Perfect way to celebrate the flavors associated with colder weather and pay tribute to Ms. Candy!


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