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Grilled Sweet Potato and Apple “Gratin”

Here is an interesting interpretation of sweet potato casserole and grilled apples. The sweet potatoes are not mashed but grilled as cute little discs. The grilled apple and sweet potato are layered with a maple rich cream that has nutmeg and cinnamon flavors. In lieu of cheese that is normally melted on top of a gratin this version has a sweet pecan crumble that helps keep this side dish somewhat traditional. This recipe features the use of a pellet grill but you can grill the sweet potatoes and apples on anything and then just finish the gratin in an oven.

Malcom Reed's Cheesesteak

Malcom Reed’s Cheesesteak Sandwich

Tailgating season is upon is and the days are getting shorter. When we saw that Malcom Reed had come out with a video on how make cheesesteaks we knew we had to feature on our website. Malcom uses our Griddles to achieve cheesesteak zen! Check out his video here on YouTube

stuffed burger

Mac and Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Years ago, we discovered a nifty little invention called The Stufz Hamburger Press. We have been stuffing everything and anything we can into a burger! One of our favorite things to fill a burger with is mac and cheese. The creaminess of the cheese inside the burger will make even a well-done burger still darn tasty. We use box mac and cheese but homemade would surely take this burger to a whole new level. These burgers are so big you will not need a bun.

Lean Burger

Grass Fed Beef and Vidalia Burger Caprese

Grass fed beef is inherently lean and tastes quite different from traditional grain fed beef. Due to lack of fat in the meat you need to add something to help retain moisture and give it a little extra flavor. Shredded Vidalia onions are much like bacon- they make everything better. If you can't source a Vidalia onion any sweet yellow onion will do. We chose to serve this burger as a “salad” to keep it healthy and virtually carbohydrate free!

Turkey Burger

Spicy Buffalo-Blue Cheese Turkey Burger with Creamy Carrot Slaw

All the flavors of a plate of hot wings are represented in this unique turkey burger recipe. Carrots, celery, hot wing sauce and blue cheese crumbles all find their way into unassuming ground turkey. The resulting burger is an interesting mash up of flavors and textures that is sure to please.



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