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To Grill Chicken

Grilling chicken (as opposed to smoking it or roasting it) presents its own unique challenges. Chicken is practically flammable on the grill, let alone when you add sauces or marinades. There’s also the challenge of cooking it until it’s done without overcooking it and drying it out. But rest assured, grilled chicken of any kind is where GrillGrates SHINE. No more dried out chicken breasts or bonfire chicken. GrillGrates provide even heat and tame flames to give you an even cook and juicier, more flavorful meat.

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  • Ribeyes on the Weber Kettle!! weber weberkettle weberkettleclub bbqnation bbqlovers
  • These grilled chicken subs were crazy good  Everything done
  • Grilled honey chipotle thighs cooked on the kamadojoe over a
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  • Reverseseared Ribeye steak seared on GrillGrates and rubbed with lootnbootybbq
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  • Smoked Gouda Turkey Burgers seasoned with sucklebuster SPG and grilled


20th of August 2019 07:45 PM Link
The SCA 2019 World Championship is just weeks away and we can't wait to see who wins. We can be almost sure of one thing - they'll be cooking on #GrillGrates!
20th of August 2019 05:05 PM Link
Welcome to our new retailer Ranch & Home with locations in Washington and Oregon.

Stop by if you're in the area and get your GrillGrates today!
20th of August 2019 12:14 PM Link
We're proud of you Steak Princess and all you're doing out on the competition circuit! Thank you for being part of what makes #GrateNation so special!
#GrillGrates #GrillingLifestyle #GrillGrateful
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19th of August 2019 07:00 PM Link
Chef Michael was recently featured as a special guest on the Fire & Water Cooking - The Fusion of Sous Vide and Barbecue podcast where he discussed his culinary career, GrillGrates, and the Steak Cook-off Association (SCA)!

Check it out here:
#GrillGrates #GrillGrateful #GrateNation #GrillingLifestyle
19th of August 2019 02:08 PM Link
We love a good marinade. 😋 And with GrillGrates, you don't have to worry about starting a bonfire on your grill.

Thrillist put together this great article about the best marinades from the world over. Give one a try the next time you grill.
#GrillGrates #GrillGrateful #GrillingLifestyle #GrateNation