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2018 Grilling Resolutions: GRILL MORE!

2018 Grilling Resolutions: GRILL MORE!

Grill more vegetables and never let your meat grill alone! Adding vegetables to your grill and your diet can have a profound impact on weight control, blood pressure and low blood sugar.   Pairing vegetables every time you grill is a resolution for a lifetime.  When we entertain or cook for our family we often dedicate a grill just to vegetables.  Let’s bring family style vegetables back to the table!

Smoke more with pellets in the valleys, in the tube, in the hopper of my pellet grills. Smoke is another spice and used sparingly can improve practically all grilled foods.  Adding a hint of smoke has never been easier when using all natural wood pellets.   Pellets as a fuel or used for additional smoke should be in everyone’s grilling arsenal.

Griddle more using the Grate Griddle and get the best of both worlds! Is griddling the new grilling?  Just flip your GrillGrates over to find out!  And the Grate Griddle is amazing for pre-packaged food that has become popular in meat departments at the supermarket.  Pork pinwheels with spinach and cheese or flank steak pinwheels, or chicken cordon blue?  Salmon stuffed with crabmeat?  You can griddle that!

Grill more leaner meats as well as lamb and duck. Our favorite color may be medium rare and that applies to lamb and duck too.   Leaner meats and poultry deserve more grill time and encourage us to expand our grilling repertoire!

Grill more breakfast, the most important meal of the day! You can grill breakfast with the GrateGriddle!  Eggs over easy with a side of bacon or sausage?  Yes please!  There is no better way to start the day than at the grill whipping up breakfast.  We enjoy breakfast pizzas when we have family in town.

Grill a lot more fish, hot and fast like a steak! What are your grilling resolutions? Grilled fish is as easy as grilling a steak with GrillGrates.  Grill fish whole, filets skin on or skin off- even flesh side down on GrillGrates for great searing without sticking.  You can even grill delicate fish like haddock or halibut on GrillGrates.  And don’t forget shellfish!  Lobster, crab legs, even crab cakes are fabulous on the Grill.

At GrillGrate we resolve to Grill More and Grill for our Best Health in 2018!  What are your grilling resolutions?  Tell us below.

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14th of January 2019 08:18 PM Link
In honor of National Hot Pastrami Day we give you this grilled pastrami reuben! Anyone else ever grill up up some sammiches on GrillGrates? #GrillGrateful #Pastrami #Reuben
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We love red grills and cannot lie! With the sun shining we decided to roll out the red carpet! Happy Friday!
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11th of January 2019 07:25 PM Link
3 Days left to enter National Barbecue & Grilling Association Awards of Excellence. Lots of new digital media categories this year too. See you in KC!
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We got our WAGYU!! We’ll be grilling these beauties next week.

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